Anything Is Possible…..Kona Inspired

You all saw last week that I posted about orphans.  This guy is working hard to do something about it.  He is hoping to race in the Ironman in Kona as a media athlete and share his story and share the cause.  Reece’s Rainbow is something that, now that I know about it, I cant help but share it.  Here is a little blurb from his blog and the video.  Watch the video, vote for their video, and share it with everyone you know.  (Click to watch the video)
“I was unaware of the current situation of children with Down syndrome in many foreign countries. It is common practice that when a child is born with Down syndrome, they are placed into an orphanage. This is where they stay typically for 5-6 years at which time they are moved to an institution. Many of the children do not live more than a year once they are placed in an institution because of the harsh circumstances they face.
Reece’s Rainbow is not an adoption agency, but more of a tool to help these children find their forever families. One important fact I learned after researching Reece’s Rainbow is this; there are many families currently ready and willing to adopt, but they simply don’t have the funds to do so. An international adoption has an average cost of $30,000+. In fact, Reece’s Rainbow has gone as far as saying that there are so many families that want to adopt these children that if the cost of adoption were taken care of, there wouldn’t be a need for Reece’s Rainbow because there would be no more children left to adopt!
When I first read this, I was excited! It seems like there can be something done about that! That brings us to the purpose of our blog. As a family, we may not be able to raise enough money for all 400+ children all at once, but we can focus on one child at a time. We can also focus on sharing these children’s story with as many people as possible in turn giving them the opportunity to act on the same promptings we felt when we first looked into the eyes of all these orphans. This is what we’ve focused on since November of 2011 and we have proven that the financial burden truly is the only thing standing in the way of these children finding a family! With the help of so many wonderful people coming forward, we’ve seen success first hand. You can read our success stories HERE.
Brady is hoping that his video will receive enough votes to get him to Kona to help raise awareness.  What an awesome thing to see.  Would you watch the video, vote and share it with your friend?

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