Kitchen Injury

I have been slow at getting up new blog posts and recipes this week.  We had a great birthday party for my daughter on Saturday that ended with my mom driving me to the ER with a towel over my hand.  I lost a fight with the lid of a can.  I was even being safe and using a spoon to pry the lid back….but my finger slipped off the spoon and up the jagged lid.  Can you say OUCH!!  I was whining all the way to the ER.  It was a long 10 miles. 
A nerve block and a pain pill later, I am sporting 4 stitches in the top of my finger and a really awesome Band-Aid. 
I have been slow in the kitchen and even more so at typing.  That is quite a chore.  But, I am still cooking and baking and I will have new things for you soon.

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