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Welcome new friends from Pinterest.  So glad you found me!
Joyful Momma
I am Joyful Momma.
I love pearls
I really really like pink. My husband is color blind (extremely), he thinks our bedding is grey.  To be fair, I have told him that it is in fact, blush pink.
I went to nursing school….but didn’t finish. I have the basic knowledge (just enough to give me anxiety when I am feeling ill)
I can whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, from memory, in the 6 minutes it takes for the oven to preheat.
I have an incredible memory. I can remember very detailed and trivial facts about people. These are the kinds of things that I don’t repeat as the person I hardly know might be creeped out by the things I know about them.
Along with that, I have what my husband terms”media amnesia”. I have had the same CD in my car for about 4 years and I still don’t know the order of the songs or the lyrics. This makes watching the same movies and episodes of Friends really great. Its like I am watching it for the first time.
I have a twin sister. No cool stories, but being a twin is really cool.
I LOVE alpacas. I REALLY LOVE alpacas. I am sure you will hear more about this.
I once worked at Sea World as the vendor in the stands selling popcorn and soda. Shamu freaks me out.
While I have some fun and quirky traits, I have a serious side as well.  These are this things that are a big part of who I am and how I live my life.
1. I am a daughter of The King. I put my faith in my Lord, and I am forever thankful for the love of Jesus Christ.
2. My everyday, in and out life, is my mission field. I strive to show the Light of Jesus to all who know me and all those around me.
3. I intentionally raise my kids. Not much about what I do is “hap-hazard”. I think about what I tell them, how I instruct them, and what I teach them. I want them to grow up in the love of a Christ filled home and see what that can mean for them.
4. I suffered a miscarriage between my girls. We named that little guy Paxton Daniel. I talk about him without shame or fear. I trust the Lord for life and while loss is sad and I grieve what life could have been like with Paxton, I think it is really pretty neat that the only thing Paxton will know is Heaven, and the first thing he saw was Jesus.
5. We have no plans of saying “no” to more children. We are excited and looking forward to opening our arms and our hearts to the kids God would bless us with.
6. Some people don’t agree with me…..and that is ok.
7. I am a list maker and I like to plan. I have a chore list, a laundry list, and a weekly schedule that I try to stick to. I want to be proactive, not reactive, to my situations.
8. My husband is really really wonderful. I will gush about him frequently.
Welcome to my little corner of the world. Enjoy!

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