Past Due: Reflection On Mother’s Day

Most bloggers wrote about Mother’s Day in a timely manner. I however, have had this post circling around in my head, thinking about what I wanted to say. I have a lot to say (surprise, surprise! Ha ha).
When I think about moms, I think of my mom, my Grammy, my auntie, my step-mom, my mother-in-love, and my husband. So, let’s go down the list.

My mom- she managed a house of 5 busy kids, works a full time job caring for others, and teaching. My mom gives and gives beyond measure. She gives of herself at home. She gives of herself to her patients at work. We tease her about little thing, mostly because we like to see her laugh. We have to remind her to take time for herself to refresh. She has a heart for others like I have never seen in anyone else. I try to be like her in my ways of giving and caring for others.

My Grammy- oh Grammy. She is fabulous. She is a rock for our family. She has just the right, gentle advice when you need it and she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself or state her mind. My husband frequently tells me that I channel a lot of my Grammy. She is genuine and a truly classy lady. She is the one we call for interview help, grammar correction, and what to wear for certain occasions. She is wise and patient. Very patient. She taught me to bake chocolate chip cookies… husbands favorite treat.

My Auntie B- I have several aunties. And they are all wonderful. But I am very close with my auntie B. She is my mom’s only sister, and had lived far away for about 12 years. She just recently moved just 4 blocks away…..I am now spoiled. She has taught me the importance of working hard and playing with my kids. My aunt is the expert on kids books and games. I think she owns them all. She always remembers to make time for family and fun. She doesn’t like coffee, but she makes an amazing latte.

My step-mom is fun. She is energetic, quirky, and more loyal than a golden retriever. She loves to help and has a heart of gold. She is a nurse, and that is a perfect fit for her. She knows everyone’s favorite snacks, meals, and candies. She pays close attention to detail and knows how to make others feel special, unique, and important.

My Mother-in-love (law)- she is truly the most genuine, generous, and hospitable woman I have ever been around. She can serve a holiday meal with beautiful dishes, comforting food, and sparkling decor….all with a calmness and sweet spirit. She is even keeled and level. She loves loves loves her family. And it shows. She is a treasure to us. She has taught me more than she knows about being confident and patient. She does her teaching is subtle ways and in action.

my husband gets a lot of credit her too. He encourages me, trusts my instincts, and values our children. He works hard to provide an income, keep the yard looking beautiful, and he does the dishes. He is the perfect compliment to my high wired personality. He is calm and affectionate with me and our girls. Being a mom is hard work, but my co-worker is great. He makes my job easier everyday.

I hope you all got to celebrate with the mothers around you.

Joyful Momma

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