Tea Party

My sweet V turned 3!  And we celebrated by having tea!  Do you like my rhyming skills? 
We hosted an outdoor tea party and had the whole family here.  There were 29 of us and only 4 were non-family members.  I love our large close family.  And 7 were not able to make it. 
I made 3 cakes and served tea, coffee, and lemonade.  There were also mini fruit pizzas and butter mints.  All the proper things for a tea party.
I made sure to visit Goodwill and my favorite thrift store several times to collect tea settings, punch serving sets, and cute cake plates. 
I had so much fun.  This was the first year that V realized it was her day and she loved the excitement.  We held the party at 10am to beat the heat of the day.  We had badminton, horse shoes, and a ring toss.  Yard parties are so fun and casual. 
Recipes coming this week of all the yummy desserts.  The Strawberry Shortcake Cake and the Raspberry Lemonade cakes were a hit.  The mini fruit pizzas barely lasted 10 minutes. 
Enjoy your Sunday evening.  I will sleep well tonight.

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