31 Days




In the blog world, it seems like October is the month to do a 31 day series.  There are so many neat series to follow.

I am taking a little different approach.  I’m not doing this series as a list of post to teach you something or to challenge myself to finish tasks.  I will simply be using this as a way to spend 31 days writing and sharing my days with you.  This will be good for two reasons.  1.  I get to practice writing and sharing my day.  2. You get to see what it looks like behind the scenes here.  There is LOTS of fun, LOTS of mess, and plenty of laughter.  And who knows…..in the course of 31 days, you may get to learn a few tricks that I use to keep my house running, keep my sanity in tact, and keep my kids learning and growing.

So……here we go.  Join me tomorrow as I talk a little about my days filled with Occupational, Physical, Swimming, and Equine Therapy for my daughter Nora.


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