2017 was about being strong.  Being a warrior.  Fighting for my health and for joy.  2017 was so much about holding on for dear life, praising The Lord for His goodness, trusting Him in fear and pain and weakness.  But it was a BIG year.  I hope to never repeat a year like 2017 (and the last 6 months of 2016, and all of 2012), but 2018 already has a full month of Mayo Clinic visits and appointments, procedures, and tests.  So, I am justing hanging on for the ride….I am kind of seeing a theme in how my character is growing. 

It’s now 2018.  It is a new year and so many possibilities before me.  Most of everything will look the same.  There won’t be major changes, moves, or declarations.  But there will be a bit more quiet.

2018 I am making it a point to include more quiet. 

This is kind of even an absurd topic for me.  Quiet.  That describes me ZERO percent.  I have all the words, all the feelings, and so much laughter. 

Here is what I mean, I want to include more quiet in each day.  Skip putting on music or an audiobook while I go on my walks.  Just go, enjoy the quiet, and think.  No big deal right?  Wrong, I love to keep my mind busy.  I am always on a project.  Always wanting to learn something new.  I say it way too much: “might as well be productive” while I do any task.

I want to sit and do a puzzle without my favorite show in the background.  I want to read a book and not listen to an audiobook while I do other projects.  I hope to spend time just watching and thinking and observing. 

My life is loud.  I have 3 kids and a dog with a big bark.  We love music and and all the podcasts.  Not everything will be quiet.  But I want to chose something each day to do in the quiet.  Maybe not even reading…..”keeping my mind busy”…..maybe just watching my kids in the yard.  Walking my dog and not having headphones in.  Driving to town and just watching out the window. 

I think if I start to seek out more quiet, it will be easier to find each day.  Less about “doing” quiet things, more about just enjoying quiet. 

Tonight I folded laundry and the house was silent.  It was weird at first and then it was really really enjoyable.  I just want to include small moments like that. 

Did you pick a word or resolution or intention for the year?  Every New Year there seems to be a new trend on what we call it.  But it is all about paying attention and making better choices.  I think as people we are all looking to improve ourselves and improve the world around us.  I have had years where my goals are big and exciting and very active.  This year is different.  I am hopeful that each month I can share with you little ways that I included quiet in my day. 

Happy New Year and Happy 2018!

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  1. Quietude is a reward in itself. And the more you adjust to it the better you will like it, and the more you will crave it. ?

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