Finding JOY in the everyday mundane


Because so many normal days and simple activities were taken from me, I have taken on a new outlook on life.  Little things bring me so much joy.

Just brushing and styling my daughters’ hair is so delightful.

Feeling well enough to sit in the booth at Chuck E Cheese and watch my kids play is so special.

Gathering all my little chickies in to my bed for story time and playing games on the iPad is always such a treat.

I wasn’t well enough to make dinner, so PB&J on paper plates in bed with momma was a hit.

I find joy in all of those tiny moments because there are full days and weeks at a time where I am simply too sick or exhausted to even sit up in my bed.  Just moving to the recliner can be hard and agonizing.  I know I am not dying, and there isn’t a timeline on my life, but my health sure does make me see all the little things with a new bright light and appreciation.

It has been a time of clarity and reflection.  I probably really needed that.  Some people are never given that kind of clarity or take the time to reflect on what is really really important and special.  It really is a gift hidden deep in the muck and mire of illness.  When others join in our life, I want them to go away feeling encouraged, hopeful, inspired, and strong.  There is so much hope to be had, and joy to be found in many corners of our life.  While it is really important to allow feelings of anger and disappointment, we also need to focus on the good.  Grieve and mourn, but then cling tightly to the promises and protections of God.

My specialty is finding the joy in simple things.  On a sick day, I remind myself that it is just for that day and might turn a corner tomorrow.  And on a good day remind myself that it could turn bad tomorrow so it is important to soak up the fun things that I enjoy.  “You get what you get and you’re thankful for it”