Resurrection Rolls

I have found that if I have a fun activity ready for my toddler right after nap time, we all do a lot better.  This week I saw these rolls on Pinterest and I knew they would be perfect for little toddler fingers and tummies.
All you will need is:
16 large marshmallows
Melted butter
Cinnamon sugar mix
Refrigerated crescent rolls
Roll the marshmallows (symbolizing Jesus’ body) in melted butter and cinnamon sugar mix.  This represents the preparation of Jesus’ body before he was put in the tomb.
Place one marshmallow in the center of a crescent roll and roll up tight.  Be sure to seal up all the edges so the marshmallow is totally enclosed.  It will look more like just a round ball of dough.  The crescent dough represents the clothing that they placed Jesus in.
Look at those sweet toddler fingers!

Bake the rolls at 375 for about 12-14 minutes.  When they are done, they should be a light golden brown.
Show your little ones that the roll still looks the same on the outside, but it is hollow on the inside.  When Jesus rose, all that was left were his wrapping cloths.
These rolls were delicious!!  And for the rest of the evening, my daughter kept telling us about the rolls that were empty like the tomb. JESUS has RISEN!!
Happy Easter!

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