Sandwich Inspiration

I really like sandwiches.  And eating light for dinner has been a nice switch for us for the summer.  This sandwich was inspired by a sandwich at one of our favorite pizza restaurants in town.
I used a multigrain ciabatta roll, and I toasted it for 2 minutes under the broiler.
I then made a mix of 1/3 cup real mayo and 1 tsp brown spicy mustard.  I slathered that on both sides of the bun.
I then layered on roast beef, tomatoes, spinach, drizzle of horseradish sauce (made with mayo) and crumbles of blue cheese.
I left off the sliced red onion only because I didn’t have it on hand.  But that would have been great.
This was a really good sandwich.  My husband requested we have it weekly, and deemed it restaurant quality.

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