Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

I just love that feeling on a spring day when you can open all the windows, let the sun shine in, enjoy a warm breeze from outside—and get down to some serious spring cleaning. There’s something so satisfying about a clean and tidy house, especially this time of year! I’ve got you covered with spring cleaning tips and tricks, my recommended cleaning products, my favorite DIY cleaning product recipes, plus a few ideas to get your kids excited about helping with chores (really!). 


Quick Tips For Spring Cleaning

1 - Create a checklist and a plan 

I definitely feel more productive when I’m organized, and I’m sure many of you feel the same! Creating a cleaning checklist and game plan can help make your spring cleaning more manageable. Set aside a weekend to clean, or fit it in throughout a couple weeks—whatever works best for you! There are lots of free, printable cleaning checklists available online: I found this great one (the page also includes more great spring cleaning tips).

2 - Start by decluttering

Do you find that stuff starts piling up between big cleans? You’re definitely not alone! Before you get to the real deep cleaning, it’s a great idea to take inventory and declutter. This is also a spring cleaning task kids can help you with! Have them help identify things like toys or books they no longer use, and put them aside to donate to help families in need in your community. You’ll have a neater house, and you can give back as a family too—win-win! 

3 - Don’t forget those overlooked areas!

Even when you clean your house regularly, there are so many places that can easily get forgotten. Spring cleaning is a great time to get into all those tricky or forgotten spots—think door frames, baseboards, curtains, lampshades, on top of the fridge, the list goes on. Here’s a list I found of some of the most commonly overlooked spring cleaning spots, plus some tips on how to tackle them. 

Recommended Cleaning Products

1 - My favorite mop

I get so many questions about which mop I use! I love my Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop. It’s so easy to use and 100% worth the price. I especially love its multiple settings for waxing, mopping, and quick spraying, so I can get any cleaning needed done without having to use multiple products or appliances. 

2 - Reusable spray bottles

I like making some of my own cleaning products (see a few ideas below!) and these bottles do a great job of safely containing liquid cleaners, like vinegar and water. They’re also great to distill any bulky products into for easier access. 

3 - My go-to vacuum 

From the day I first tried a cordless vacuum, I’ve never looked back. You can use this one for up to an hour on full charge, so it’s great for those days you want to vacuum the whole house. Its swivel head also makes it super easy to get into all those tough corners. 

Find more of my favorite cleaning essentials in my Amazon store!

DIY Cleaning Product Recipes

1 - DIY Laundry Soap

It’s true, I make my own handmade laundry soap! It works great for both High Efficiency (HE) and regular washers. I save so much money making my own laundry soap, and I’ve never looked back since I started! Here’s the recipe.

2 - Dishwasher Rinse Aid

I’ve gotten some of my best cleaning tips from @clean.simple.bridget. One of my favorites is using essential oil as a dishwasher rinse aid. Just mix one cup of white vinegar and 20 drops of essential oil (Bridget recommends lemon) into a glass jar, and pour it into the rinse aid compartment of your dishwasher. 

3 - DIY Carpet Spot Cleaner

I call this the best ever carpet cleaner for a reason—it’s the best one I’ve ever found! It works so well on all those little stains that are par for the course when you have kids. The best part is you can make it with items you probably already have in your pantry. See more info and the recipe here!

Ideas To Get Kids To Help With Chores

1 - Start them young!

My kids have all been helping me around the house from a very young age, and from age three, helping with specific tasks. The chores they help out with have varied over the years depending on their age, but by starting young, they grow up with a sense of responsibility and pride in doing their part to help the family. Will a five-year-old fold clothes perfectly? Nope, but the goal is to build willingness in them to take responsibility. 

2 - Guide their learning 

One of my biggest tips for getting preschoolers involved with chores and helping out at home is to join them as they help out and give them one small task at a time to help them learn. For example, in the bathroom tasks could include: close the shower curtain, throw tissues in the garbage, and wipe toothpaste off the sink. After practicing these skills for a while like this, they’ll learn how to tidy up on their own.

3 - Create cleaning checklists

I create checklists for each of my kids to help them stay on task with their assigned chores for the week. The lists have been so helpful as a visual reminder for my kids of the tasks they have, because we all know how easily distracted and sidetracked they can get! On my Instagram story highlights, I’ve shared more about how our chore system works

Looking for more ideas for age-appropriate chores? From loading or unloading the dishwasher, to helping make school lunches, putting away laundry and even vacuuming, there are lots of ways your kids can be part of making your household run smoothly! Here are some ideas for chores kids of different ages can do.

Happy Spring Cleaning!