Laughter In The Kitchen

Laughter In The Kitchen. Let's talk about my kitchen for a bit.  I have mentioned before that I have a large family.  Yes, I have 5 sisters and one brother. 

Not only that, but my extended family is very close.  I see my grandparents on average every 6 weeks.  With their visit brings all the siblings, cousins, and my auntie.  We get together and there is instantly a crowd of 10-15 of us.  When one comes…..they all come.
Laughter In The Kitchen
I love this.  I especially love to watch the way my house transforms.  It is beautiful.  Suddenly, two pre-teen boys are playing their Nintendo and debating the best way to build a Star Wars Lego set. 

3 little ones are toddling around and being passed from grandma to auntie and back.  There is a bustle of women in the kitchen prepping a snack or a meal or laughing about “Grammie’s best buns”. 

We always have a joke about buns in the kitchen.  Then there are the very few men….just trying to hold their own.  They usually lay their claim on the recliner chairs and just watch the commotion.

My twin sister is trying to learn more in the kitchen.  Her husband has his fair share of “inedible” meals. So, when I get the chance, I let her in on all the things I have learned and pass along some of my favorite recipes.

My mom and Grammy have been running the kitchen for many years.  Our holiday meals are always so delicious.  And we still like to tease Mom about her pie failure in 1994. 

My mom hasn’t ruined many recipes and to this day, I crave her Blackberry pie and I always stash a piece away for breakfast the next morning.
Laughter In The Kitchen
In our family, life just happens in the kitchen.  Most of my memories growing up are in the kitchen.  Helping Grammy make her famous sugar cookies. 

Watching my mom pack lunches and make milkshakes when we were sick.  Waiting very patiently as my dad made “all-day lasagna”.

My dad's cooking skills need their own post.  It takes the man all day to make a lasagna.  He makes the sauce from scratch and enjoys the entire process. 

He also is the king of breakfast.  But, he uses no recipes….so I have to spy on him and soak up what I can.

I am sure my girls will grow up with the same memories.  They have already learned to come to the counter if I am baking…..they know they will get a little treat.

What are your kitchen memories?

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