10 Easter Crafts To Do With Your Kids

My kids love any chance to get creative and crafty. With Easter around the corner, I wanted to share ten oh-so-adorable, and fun, ideas for Easter crafts to do with your kids. I’ve included a variety of craft ideas for kids of all ages—many are crafts you can do with recycled materials you probably already have in your house.  If you’re running low on supplies, Michaels or Amazon each sell an awesome variety of kids’ craft supplies and are great places to stock up. I also found these really cool ideas for DIY art smocks for kids, so you can have fun making Easter crafts together without worrying about the mess!


1: Easter Finger Puppets:
My favorite thing about this finger puppet craft is that it opens the door to endless creativity! Your kids can create different animals and characters and put together a puppet show. Feeling ambitious and have an extra cardboard box lying around? Here’s how you can make a DIY cardboard box puppet theatre

Image via WooJr.com

What you’ll need:
Pipe cleaners
Mini pom poms or cotton balls 
Googly eyes
Hot glue gun
Scissors or wire cutters 

2: Paper Roll Bunnies:
How adorable is this Easter Bunny craft?! It’s a great craft to use up recycled toilet paper rolls, or you can make it with cardstock. You can also make some Easter chicks to go alongside your bunnies! 

Image via Onelittleproject.com

What you’ll need:
Colored cardstock (or toilet paper rolls and paint)
Scrapbook paper
Pom poms or cotton balls
Googly eyes
Raffia Black gel pen
Crafter’s tape
Invisible tape

3: Washi Tape Easter Eggs:
This Easter egg craft is a fun DIY Easter decoration to make with your kids! You can hang them on the wall or make them into a garland. 

Image via FirstPalette.com

What you’ll need:
Card stock
Washi tape
Optional: ribbons, buttons, beads, stickers, foam shapes 

4: Tie Dye Easter Eggs:
These tie-dye Easter eggs are a fun twist on traditional dyed eggs. After they’re done, they’ll work great as a DIY Easter decoration or centerpiece. 

Image via AmandasCookin.com

What you’ll need:
Plastic wrap
Cheesecloth or paper towels
Food coloring
Spray bottle with water or a cup of water
Rubber band
Empty cardboard egg carton
Boiled eggs 

5: Handprint Bunnies:
These simple—but also very cute!—handprint bunnies are a perfect craft for young kids or toddlers, and are a less-mess alternative to a paint handprint craft.  

Image via Onelittleproject.com

What you’ll need: 
Construction paper
Markers Pen or pencil

6: Bunny Rabbit Handprints:
These bunny handprints are another great Easter craft for toddlers or young kids! You can use them as a decoration or make handmade Easter cards.  

Image via CraftyMorning.com

What you’ll need:
Washable paint
Construction paper
A black sharpie
A paintbrush  

7: Salt-Dough Easter Eggs:
These salt-dough easter eggs are a fun handmade craft you can keep for years to come. You can also use them for an Easter egg hunt with your kids!  

Image via MarthaStewart.com

What you’ll need:
Mixing bowl
Rolling pin
Egg cookie cutter (Like this one from NY Cake) 
Baking sheet
Acrylic craft paint

8: Homemade Easter Baskets:
Planning an Easter egg hunt for your kids? You’ll love these ideas for handmade Easter baskets kids can make using recycled materials.  

Image via fun-a-day.com

What you’ll need:
Empty cardboard egg cartons
Acrylic paint
Hot glue gun 

 9: Popsicle Stick Chicks:
These popsicle stick chicks are an easy, fun craft to do with kids of any age, even the littlest ones! 

Image via CraftMorning.com

What you’ll need:
Popsicle sticks and yellow paint (or yellow popsicle sticks)
Orange and yellow paper
Piece of cardstock or cardboard
Googly eyes 

10: Peeps Houses:
Last on the list? A craft that’s also a snack, because sometimes crafting makes you hungry! Though, you may find these Peeps houses a little too cute to eat. Either way, they’re a fun Easter craft idea that I had to include on this list!  

Image via Yesterfood.Blogspot.com

What you’ll need:
Peeps candies
Graham crackers
Newspaper or parchment paper
Easter decor (e.g. Easter grass, candy eggs, etc) 

Happy Crafting and Happy Easter!