Best Carpet Cleaner EVER!

Joyful Momma

Pinterest has done it again. This is the best carpet cleaner I have ever found. Who knew that you can use 2 things that you currently have in your pantry and get out those nasty kid stains on the carpet. It works awesome like my home made laundry soap!
Best Carpet Cleaner
2 cups Hydrogen Peroxide and 1/4 cup baking soda.  Right in to a squeeze bottle.  Voila!  Stain removing magic.
Best Carpet Cleaner
I had just finished vacuuming and I was really annoyed that the Capri-Sun spill that I had diligently soaked up with hot water and vinegar was still getting darker and darker.  Last week I considered just rearranging the furniture.  This week, I took to Pinterest to find a solution. I found some other DIY solutions too!
Best Carpet Cleaner
That is amazing!!!  Pay  no attention to the dark spots still lingering near the couch.  They are now also long gone.
I gave the spot a generous squirt of remover and rubbed and scrubbed it with my rag.  Then I went over it with the vacuum to dry it a bit.  Voila.  Really… felt like magic.  And now I don’t have to move the furniture.

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