Hot Chocolate Truffles

I originally got this Hot Chocolate Truffles recipe from one of my friends.  She posted it on facebook and literally, I was out the door in 10 minutes to gather up the needed supplies from the store. 

I knew I would love it as soon as I saw the words “heavy whipping cream” and “semi-sweet chocolate chips”.  I mean really, how can that be bad?!!
Here is the original recipe  I of course modified to to my taste.  I only switched the regular sugar for powdered sugar.

Hot Chocolate Truffles Ingredients:
1 cup heavy whipping cream
12 oz semi sweet chocolate chips
1 tablespoon powdered sugar

Melt together in a sauce pan over medium heat.  Do not try to speed up the process by turning it to high.  Nobody likes scalded dairy or burnt chocolate.  YUCK!

(Now, pour this goodness into a container and let it cool on the counter for about 15 min.  If you are like me and cannot wait to sample it, just scoop out ¼ scoop and plop it into a mug.  Fill the mug with milk and heat for 2 min in the microwave. )

The instructions really tell you to then refrigerate the mix for 2-3 hours.  I made this at bedtime and let it be in the fridge over night.  Then I used my favorite ice cream scoop (¼ cup) to scoop out rounded balls of truffle mix. 

I let these freeze in a muffin tin for one our before wrapping them up with saran and storing them in a freezer bag.

All I can say is WOW!  This is the hot chocolate your grandma used to make on the stove, now in single servings.  NO MORE POWDER for me!

Hot Chocolate Truffles

Hot Chocolate Truffles
Hot Chocolate Truffles
You will notice in the next two pictures, the label on the bag and the light color of my hot chocolate.  I decided to get creative and modify the recipe and make a “black and white” version.  This is so good!!  It was a huge hit and my husband was trying to steal drinks of mine.

So, here is the ingredient list for the “black and white” hot chocolate

1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
¾ cup white chocolate chips
1 cup heavy whipping cream

*note, you do not add any extra sugar to this*

Melt in a sauce pan over MEDUIUM heat (you really don’t want to scald this or burn the chocolate)

Do the same cooling steps listed above and store them in the freezer.  I am loving my delicious treat at the end of the day.  And we have snow falling as I type.  Makes this stuff taste magical.
Hot Chocolate Truffles
Hot Chocolate Truffles Cup

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