No Marinate Steak Seasoning

No Marinate Steak SeasoningI love that it is grill season again.  If you ask my mom, it is always grill season (even in the snow and frost).  The nice thing about using the bbq is that it keeps me from heating the kitchen and I can usually get dinner prepped in a hurry.  Some meat I like to put in a marinade, but there are plenty of days that I don't even think about dinner until 4pm.  This steak seasoning is perfect for when you only have the 5 minutes for the grill to heat up to tend to the meat.  


No Marinate Steak Seasoning


This is so simple and makes the meat so delicious.  Its so easy, I wont even be typing a specific recipe.  I open up my package of steaks, sprinkle with salt and pepper and garlic powder and I rub it in with my fingers.  Then I shake onWorcestershire sauce.  Flip the steaks over and do the same thing to the other side.  I let it sit to come to room temperature for the time that it takes to heat the grill.  Cook as you normally would and enjoy!

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