Sausage Spinach Quiche

Sausage Spinach Quiche
I know this has been posted before, but I made it again.  We love Sausage Spinach Quiche!
Sausage Spinach Quiche
I always make 2 for dinner so that we have plenty of leftovers to fight over share the next morning for breakfast.

I had a mom request a meal that hides in some good greens. I grew up enjoying this recipe. In fact, all of us kids would gobble it up and my mom had to make 4 quiches to feed us all.

It is still the recipe my 10 year old brother requests for his birthday dinner every year. And my 2 year old asks for seconds.

Spinach Sausage Quiche

1 pie crust (I use Pillsbury, but you can make your own)
8 oz bulk pork sausage
¼ cup green onion, chopped
1 garlic clove, minced
5 oz frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained
½ cup herb seasoned stuffing mix
1 ½ cup shredded Monterey jack cheese (6oz)
3 eggs beaten
1 ½ cup milk
grated parmesan cheese for topping
paprika to sprinkle on top

*Because pie crusts are sold in a package of two, sausage is sold in 16 oz portions and you would need a full 10 oz pkg of spinach, I choose to always double the recipe and make two quiches. You will be glad you did. It is very easy to double*

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2. Place pastry shell in pie plate and gently poke around the bottom. Bake for 7 min. (Sometimes I find my crusts shrinks and falls to the bottom. No big deal, just continue on….it will still taste amazing)
3. Reduce oven temp to 375 degrees
4. Brown sausage, onion, and garlic. Drain.
5. Stir in spinach and stuffing mix.
6. Sprinkle the 1 ½ cups cheese in to the cooked pie crust. Top with sausage and spinach mixture.
7. Beat eggs and milk in a small bowl. Pour over ingredients in pie plate.
8. Bake for 30 minutes at 375 degrees. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and paprika. Bake 15 more minutes.
9. Here is the tough part. You need to let it sit for 15 min before cutting. Otherwise you will get a sloppy mess. You may have to go outside so that you don’t stand drooling over the pie plate for 15 minutes.
10. Enjoy!


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