Substitutions For Baking Emergencies In The Kitchen

We have all had it happen. We get to a critical point in a recipe and realize we are missing an ingredient that we had. NOW WHAT?! There are some easy ways to make substitutions in the kitchen.

Here is a tip though. Some substitutions will work better than others given what type of recipe you are making. Some will change the texture a tad, and others will simply not work well. For the most part, though, there are some great basic substitutions that you will likely have on hand in a pinch.

Eggs: Eggs in a recipe will help bind and work with your rising agent. For a quick bread recipe that calls for eggs (or a cake or cupcakes) try substituting Ā¼ cup applesauce for each egg. You can also use half a mashed banana for each egg if the flavors would complement each other.