12 Days of Christmas Cookies!

Chalkboard with the words "12 days of Christmas cookies" a rolling pin and cookie cutters with green branches

I am so thrilled to be starting a new series for the month of December!  On December 1st, I will be sharing 1 new Christmas Cookies recipe each day for a total of 12 days.  Cookies, cookies, cookies galore!  I have had so much fun creating, editing, and testing ALL of these recipes.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will surely have laughed with me at my unsuccessful attempt to make Spritz cookies.  By the end of it I was sweating, laughing, covered in flour and sprinkles and totally unsure of how the Spritz cookie press was even supposed to work.  Maybe next year I will have it figured out.  We had lots of laughs and my kids got in on all the fun!

My very very favorite Christmas cookies are the Snowball Surprise Cookies and the Soft Ginger Sandwich Cookies.  My kids were ALL about any of the cookies covered in powdered sugar.  My Nora loves anything with mint, and Verity is a true chocolate fan.

Cover page for Cookbook with cookies and a pink background

You can get my newest cookbook 12 Days of Christmas Cookies {Bakers Dozen Edition} now!  I had so much fun photographing and putting this cookbook together for you all.  Happy baking!

Here is just a sneak peek at what I have coming for you!

Soft Ginger Sandwich Cookies are by far the most popular cookies on my site AND in real life with all my friends and family.  It's Christmas as soon as I make the first batch of these. 

Stack of 3 sandwich cookies on a platter filled with cookies and a red background
Round sugar cookies with red frosting and sprinkles

No Roll Sugar Cookies.  No need to chill the dough or roll it out or use cookie cutters.  You still get all the decorating fun in a round cookie with the soft wonderful sugar cookie flavor.

Layered cookie bars with red and green candies on a plate

Christmas Cookie Fudge Bars have the most decadent fudge layer in between cookie layers with M&M's.

These Peppermint Brownie Bites are so decadent.  I love to use my silicone mini muffin pan so that the brownies come out easily each time.

Hand holding a brownie bite with a swirl of frosting and a peppermint candy kiss.
Stack of chocolate crinkle cookies with a white background

I cannot resist the powdered sugar on these Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.  I use mini chocolate chips giving it the best texture.

These Candy Cane Kiss Cookie Bars have all of my favorites.....white chocolate, candy cane, frosting, delicious buttery cookie batter.  Oh, man!  If you need to make a large amount of cookies, make bars.

Hand holding a sugar cookie bar with peppermint frosting and a peppermint candy kiss and sprinkles
Hand holding a cookie broken open to see the cookie inside with a chocolate candy kiss in the middle

Surprise Snowball Cookies.  Hershey's Kisses are hidden in the perfect dough and tossed in powdered sugar. 

Homemade Fudge Rounds.  Silky chocolate filling sandwiched between the rich and fudgy cookies.

Chocolate Fudge sandwich cookies on a plate with chocolate drizzle

Peppermint Snowballs are everything you love about white chocolate and mint.  Roll these beauties in powdered sugar and enjoy every melty morsel!

Powdered sugar coated round cookie, broken open to see the pink peppermint cookie inside

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies are simple and classic.

Round cookies lined up on a plate with chocolate chips
Pink cookies with a chocolate candy kiss stacked up on a plate
Red sandwich cookies with white filling stacked on a plate
hand holding chocolate cookie with min marshmallows and chocolate drizzle with sprinkles
Peanutbutter cookies with a peanut butter cup candy and chocolate drizzle
Round tan cookies with white eggnog frosting sprinkle with cinnamon on a large platter

Liked my 12 Days of Christmas Cookies series? You can purchase my 12 Days of Chrismas Cookies cookbook now! Merry Christmas and happy baking!