Why A Food Blog?

Why A Food Blog?

My purpose for having a food blog is not really about food. I don't have this big idea of food or how it should look, or how it should taste, or the proper way to do any sort of the food preparation. The purpose behind creating a food blog and what keeps me going is feeding the people I love. So it looks different for so many.

Providing help and encouragement

Sometimes it looks like gluten-free, dairy free, refined sugar free for a friend who is feeling overwhelmed about new food allergies or a brand new autoimmune diagnosis. Sometimes it looks like cute desserts and treats for my child. While most kids have no preference on taste, they really love cute treats.

Creating comfort and hospitality

Other times, it looks like a big Sunday dinner. Pot roast, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, a pie, fresh warm rolls, and lemonade. Most of all, it's about comfort. Its all about slowing down the pace.

Why A Food Blog?

Sometimes its about a meal with really deep nutrition that will provide energy and stamina for a big test or project at work.

It's kind notes and jokes written out with little drawings tucked in with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Its a high protein lunch and a large glass of ice water for my husband.

Its fresh from the oven baked oatmeal and fresh fruit with hot lattes for our weekend guests.

There are plenty of times where I order out olive garden and pick up lots of paper plates and have 20 of my family members over for dinner. It's more about mingling, chatting, playing card games at the table and less about cooking doing the dishes.

Love through food also looks like a pizza delivered at 2pm to a friend who is strapped to the couch with a brand new nursing baby and hasn't even thought about lunch.

Yes, I love food. Also, I love cooking and baking. But most of all, I really love people. I have a food blog because I just really love people.

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