Top 10 Books For Kids of All Ages

Do your kids like reading? Mine sure do! That's why I knew I had to share my top 10 books for kids of all ages. 

At my house, I have one child who would rather do crafts and crochet, one girl who can’t get a stack of library books big enough (she LOVES to read and finds it easy), and a little guy who wants me to read him ALL the stories with funny voices and great pictures. And the baby loves all the silly stories I tell. 

When I have days that my body keeps me in bed, you can usually find a large stack and basket full of books to read and activity books to engage with nearby.  Sticker books and music books are a regular favorite.

I put together a post with the top 10 books my kiddos have loved reading.  Even if you have a beginner reader, picture books are wonderful to read aloud to them.  Feel free to email me if you are wanting more suggestions beyond this list!

Have a middle reader who is starting chapter-books but doesn’t love reading?  Try activity books with instructions to read and younger age books with lots and lots of pictures.  Reading should be for joy and fun when they are young.

I keep a stack of the paper airplane books in my closet for the best birthday party gifts.  Unique and so fun!

The World Wars Encyclopedia is phenomenal.  My sister has used it as an extra in her high school history class for students.  The Illustrated Dictionary of Math was so wonderful when my daughter was a 4th grader. We would work together to understand daily homework and new skills. The Survival Skills also book made an awesome gift for my 13-year-old nephew for Christmas.

And now! Without further ado….

Here are the Top 10 books in our house for all ages:

  1. Build Your Own series sticker books.  We have done dinosaurs, trucks, cars, and robots.  Once the stickers are all placed, this is still a great book to have on your bookshelf as there are stories and facts, which makes for great books to look at during quiet time and before bed.
  2. All Better.  This has been the best gift that I keep tucked in my closet for birthday parties for little ones.  We love the repositionable band-aid stickers (they are very sturdy) and the sweet phrase of “Clean it, Kiss it, Put a bandage on it”.  
  3. Look Inside Your Body.  This is such a colorful engaging book.  And have you ever seen a lift-the-flap book with double and triple layer flaps?!  This book introduces the body to young kids and teaches really neat info in an easy-to-read format.  
  4. 100 Paper Planes To Fold And Fly.  You can’t go wrong with this book.  My favorite use for this book is in the classroom prize box.  I put a few individual sheets into a page protector and kids can choose one.  The colors, designs, and easy to see lines with folding instructions are perfect. 
  5. Very First Book of Things To Spot.  This book was a regular in the car for my 2 youngest.  There are so many things to see on each page that they would easily get lost in the pages on trips around town.  Bright colors and counting combined.  
  6. Baby’s Very First Slide And See Christmas.  Usborne has a series of the Slide-and-See books that toddlers love.  The sturdy reinforced cardboard makes this book very durable with bright colors and lots of things to look at.  
  7. Peek Inside The Farm.  There are lift the flaps, a cute story to follow along with, and things to look for and find.  My son read this nightly for several weeks.
  8. Dinosaurs Magic Painting book.  Run…do not walk…and purchase at least one of these magic painting books.  All you need is a small cup of water and your kids will be painting.  This is such a great activity.  My kids paint these often while I am working on dinner and they sit at the table.  Book has great pictures and comes with a paintbrush.  These are a total hit. 
  9. Aesop’s Stories For Little Children.  Stories are so important for teaching lessons, learning about feelings, and learning to think critically and problem solve.  These classic Aesop’s Stories are so fun and easy to read. We regularly then have conversations about the characters and have so much fun.  This is a great book to keep on any bookshelf.  
  10. First Book About The Orchestra.  Until I got this book, I did NOT enjoy kids' musical sounds books.  They all had a shrill sound and it was just too much.  This book has the most beautiful and realistic sounds.  The music is beautiful and it identifies different parts of the orchestra and instrument sounds.  We love this one.  And I will mention again, it is not loud and horrible, it is very pretty.  

Remember that books make awesome gifts and keep a few on hand that would be good for any age.