Tasty Valentine's Day Food Gift Ideas

They say the way to the heart is through the stomach and I am definitely jumping on that bandwagon. You all know how I love to bake, but not being able to gift my tasty Valentine's Day food treats to all my loved ones in person has me resorting to online food gifting services.
And Valentine's Day is about EVERYONE you love; your kids, your parents, your siblings, even your neighbors!
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Here is a list of my very favorite tasty Valentine's Day food gifts to send AND receive (though this list can really be applied to any occasion)! You can order them online and have them delivered to just about anywhere.  Let’s sprinkle out the love!
1. Sugarwish - I have been doing Sugarwish with my sisters and friends for a while now.  It is so fun because the recipient gets an email with a code and gets to pick out their favorite candies and savory snack mixes. Treat your Valentine to the sweet's their heart desires! Sugarwish also works for virtually any kind of gift you want to send; Have a teen who was brave and competed at the State speech and debate meet?……send treats!  Have a little brother who is working hours on end at the start of his career?…..send treats!
2. Georgetown Cupcakes - They overnight cupcakes and wow…what a treat!! If you're still needing something for Valentine's Day, this is a great option. We had two boxes overnighted for my daughter’s “quarantine birthday” and she loved it and felt so special getting to have “treats from a tv show!”
3. Goldbelly - I am partial to ALL of the ‘Elle’s Belles’ items as Elle is a personal friend of mine.  But seriously…..Oprah named her sugar cookie as the best in the nation. So you know that if Oprah is sending these Montana baked treats to her friends, they are worth it! The huckleberry hand pies are my favorite to have with hot tea on a winter night.
4.  Giordanos Pizza - Chicago Style Deep Dish…oh gracious! Yes, please! This pizza makes me feel like I am staying in the big city when it's a bit harder to travel these days. Indulge in a little self-love with a delicious pizza and why not send one to show your grandparents a little love while you're at it!
5. Daily Harvest - Do you have a friend who is extra healthy and loves smoothies and exercising?  Ok...so I don’t fall into THAT specific category but I love ordering these! I get them myself before I have surgery, or I ship a box to a friend whose child has an appointment to have their tonsils removed. So many great reasons to need a smoothie shipment and Valentine's Day is just one of them!
*Pro Tip* add a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream…the instructions won’t tell you this, but trust me…yes ma'am…
If you are in the spirit of baking and making this year, I have a TON of tasty treats that you can make up to gift to the people you love.
2. Churro Cheesecake Bars - gift these to anyone and they will love you forever.
3. Million Dollar Spaghetti Casserole - You make it, they bake it.  If they don't need it that night, it will freeze wonderfully.
4. Sparkling Summer Sangria - Make it in the pitcher and drop it off on a Friday afternoon with a hug and a high five.
8. Show up with a bag of chips and a jar of fancy salsa.  You will win all the points.
These food deliveries and treats are a sure-fire way to win over the hearts and bellies of those you love this Valentine's Day - and to help you out for any holiday or special occasion throughout the year!