Antipasto Skewers

Antipasto Skewers
Antipasto Skewers
Here is another great party appetizer.  I really like to make appetizers that are easy to grab and eat with one hand.  
Most times guests are holding their plate with one hand and either sitting in a chair or standing and chatting at a party.  Lets make it easy for our guests to enjoy the treats.
No real recipe for this guy.  I used a hard summer sausage cubed, cheese slices that I cut to 1 inch squares, and I topped it with green or kalamata olives.
Take creative liberties with this one.  Try different meat and cheese combos.  And if you don’t like olives, just leave them off.  
This is a perfect salty appetizer to serve with my favorite Chocolate Filled Raspberries and Cream Filled Chocolate Strawberries.
Happy Hosting!

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