Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

I was a bit skeptical about Broccoli Quinoa Casserole.  I had quinoa once and it tasted like I was eating dirt and the texture was that of uncooked tapioca pellets.  Strong words, huh?
Broccoli Quinoa Casserole
*photo from Eating Well…..Living Thin* (my picture looked like casserole mush)

Well, my good friend just LOVES quinoa.  I mean, she really loves it.  She substitutes it for rice in any casserole and she makes up recipes with quinoa on a whim.  So, I figured I could at least give it a second chance.

Quinoa is chalk full of goodness. It is gluten-free if you are eating that kind of diet. It is packed with protein. And, it is technically a seed and not a grain.

This recipe comes from Eating Well…..Living Thin.  She takes homestyle recipes and makes them diet friendly.

This nice thing about this recipe, is that it does not taste any different than the full fat and full calorie version of Broccoli and Rice Casserole.
Broccoli Quinoa Casserole
*picture from Eating Well….Living Thin*

I made this for lunch today and my toddler had seconds.  I really really enjoyed this.  It was truly a “comfort food”.

Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

1 (10 oz) can condensed Cream of Broccoli soup ½ cup reduced fat mayonnaise (I only had regular in the fridge) 2 tablespoons milk 1 ½ cups shredded cheese (I chose Colby-Jack) ½ teaspoon sugar ¼ teaspoon black pepper

2 cups cooked broccoli
1 ½ cups COOKED quinoa *instructions below* ¼ cup grated Parmesan cheese

To cook quinoa:
¾ cup quinoa 1 ½ cups chicken broth

1. Rinse quinoa in a fine sieve until water runs clear. In a small saucepan combine the quinoa and broth. Bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat to low and cover. Cook for 18-20 minutes, or until fluffy and the white ring/tail is visible. Fluff with a fork.

2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees 3. In a large bowl combine the soup, mayonnaise, milk, shredded cheese, sugar, and pepper until well mixed. Stir in the quinoa and broccoli.

4. Spoon mixture into greased casserole dish. Sprinkle on a couple tablespoons of Parmesan and bake for 35-40 minutes (20-25 minutes for ramekins) or until bubbly on the edges and golden

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  1. Yes, I think so. I freeze rice casseroles. I suppose this would do just as well. Let me know if you do freeze it

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