Choose The Perfect Watermelon


How to choose the perfect watermelon

I have a “no fail method” for picking the perfect watermelon every time.  3 steps and you will be so glad you decided to get a watermelon.Follow these 3 steps and you are sure to get a great watermelon

How to choose the perfect watermelon
1. Choose a melon with a creamy yellow spot on the bottom. That means it ripened on the vine in the sun and was not picked too early. You will get great flavor!

How to choose the perfect watermelon
2. Choose a melon with scratches and ugly spots. This is means you will get a nice sweet melon. The scratches are where the natural sugar is coming through the rind. YUM YUM

How to choose the perfect watermelon
3. Choose a really really heavy melon. Especially one that seem very heavy for its size. This ensures a nice juicy mellon.
Now that you have picked the perfect watermelon, check out the best way to slice a watermelon.


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