Secret Biscuits

I have a secret.  I like to use Pillsbury frozen biscuits.  Its true.  There is usually a bag in my freezer.  They rise up perfectly, taste amazing, and they are freezer to table in 20 minutes.

Secret Biscuits

I do have a few tips to take these over the top and make them taste “homemade”.

1. I always lay a sheet of foil on the bottom of my baking pan and spread on a little melted butter.  Put those frozen biscuits right on top of that melted butter and you will have the most flaky-golden-brown-bottomed biscuits….they should be rated PG-13.

2. To make a savory biscuit, I brush the frozen biscuits with a little melted butter that has been mixed with some Johnny’s Garlic Spread.  Its amazing.  They taste like restaurant breads.

3. To make a sweet biscuit, I melt some honey and butter together and drizzle it on top of the frozen biscuits.

*By putting the melted flavored butter on the biscuits before baking, the yumminess will bake in and the biscuits rise and do their thing in the oven.  And they will be beautifully golden.

Go ahead….stick a bag in your freezer in the garage (so no guests will see) and serve them up hot with a topping.  Smile proudly as they rave.

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