Meal Train Review


I have to share with you all about a really great resource: Meal Train. It is free and it is a HUGE blessings.

Meal Train Review

Have you used Meal Train yet?  This website is perfect for coordinating meal delivery and other ways to help a friend or family.  I have been gifted with this twice now and it is amazing.  A friend set it up for me and shared it on my facebook page and then all sorts of friends and family could sign up to bring meals.  Nothing to coordinate or keep track of. 

And if you know someone who is away from home but needing meals, you can also set for meals to be delivered from local restaurants.  This was such a blessing to us when we had a stay in Seattle with our youngest daughter at the Children’s Hospital. 

Give it a try next time you know someone in need of a meal.  A new mom, surgery, family crisis, illness….etc.  And did I mention it is free?!


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