Minnie Mouse Birthday Party {Success!}


We had a great party for Nora on Saturday.  She loves Minnie Mouse, so I knew right away what kind of theme we would have.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

We had some Minnie Mouse balloons, a birthday banner, and some streamers on the banister.  It was perfect.  Few decorations and lots of fun.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party 2

These cupcakes were a cinch.  I made the Oreo Cupcakes with Whipped Marshmallow Frosting Frosting and just added mini Oreos for ears and folded a piece of Fruit-By-The-Foot to be a bow.  Really…..very quick.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party 3

The cake was nearly identical to the cake I made her last year.  I have a cupcake shaped cake pan and I just added laminated circles for ears and a laminated bow.  Nothing fancy here folks.


Nora was NOT shy.  She dove right in a licked the frosting as soon as the candles were blown out.


This little girl was all dressed up in a Minnie Mouse dress and ready to have some fun.


She didn’t quite understand how to blow out the candles.  However, she did make great “fish lips” and spit a little.


We have such beautiful little girls and each year that passes I am so thankful for my family.  And lets give a big “high five” to my husband to stayed up late in the night to build her fancy new tricycle.  He is the best.



  1. I loved the cupcakes! I'm going to keep this for a later time!! Sounds like a wonderful party, not too much, just fun!!

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