Slow Cooker Recipe Round-Up 2

Slow Cooker

Electric Slow Cooker On White Background

6 Slow Cooker Recipes


In my kitchen, fall means more comfort foods and FREQUENT use of my slow cooker.  I may even use both of my slow cookers at the same time!

slow cooker teriyaki chicken


This is one recipe you will want to make over and over.


slow cooker beef tips in mushroom gravy


My husband loves when I make comfort food for dinner.  And this Beef Tips in Mushroom Gravy Recipe happens to come from his mom, so its even more a winner in his book. If your husband is like mine, serving this over hot buttery mashed potatoes the best way to get straight to his heart…through his stomach!

creamy white chili


This soup smells so good while cooking. I have both a stove top and slow cooker version.

creamy chicken and salsa burritos


With fresh salsa and guacamole, this was definitely a “go back for seconds” kind of dinner.

swedish meatballs


One of my favorite meals growing up was Swedish Meatballs.  I am sure there is some “official” recipe, but this is the one my momma made, and we love it!

chicken tacos


There are a million ways to make chicken taco filling.  I prefer to make mine in the crock pot for a quick easy dinner.



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