Keto Bacon Benedict


I could slather just about any breakfast food in a creamy Hollandaise sauce.  As I imagined up this Keto Bacon Benedict, I knew I wanted to eliminate the bread and UP the good fats.  Avocado?  Yes, please.  Thick cut bacon?  Bring it on!  Poached eggs that take mealy 45 seconds?  […]

Minestrone Soup


When I go to Olive Garden, I love to get their Minestrone Soup.  I cannot eat vegetables unless they are cooked, so a soup is a great way for me to go.  I omit pasta and I keep this in my freezer in single serve portions.  Minestrone Soup is the […]

The PERFECT Banana Bread

Bread, Desserts

The PERFECT Banana Bread.  I have several banana bread recipes, like my buttermilk banana bread  here already.  And each one is “good”, I am just very very particular about how I like quick breads.  They can’t be to dense, not dry, not cake like, a nice fluff, no darkened bottom […]

Sheet Pan Cookie Bars


Sheet Pan Cookie Bars.  It just doesn’t get better than this!  I love cookies.  Almost daily I get a hankering for a cookie.  Often times I need to make a large quantity of cookies but I don’t have time to bake pan after pan of individual cookies.  Enter cookie bars….the […]

Why A Food Blog?

Joyful Momma

My purpose for having a food blog is not really about food. I don’t have this big idea of food or how it should look, or how it should taste, or the proper way to do any sort of the food preparation. The purpose behind creating a food blog and […]


Joyful Momma

2017 was about being strong.  Being a warrior.  Fighting for my health and for joy.  2017 was so much about holding on for dear life, praising The Lord for His goodness, trusting Him in fear and pain and weakness.  But it was a BIG year.  I hope to never repeat […]

Peppermint Brownie Bites

Desserts, Holiday

Peppermint Brownie Bites.  You really can’t go wrong with chocolate and mint as a combo.  These Candy Cane Hershey Kisses are addicting!  And this recipe uses my Best Ever Brownie batter as the base.  Then just top these with a mint buttercream and a Candy Cane Kiss.  Simple as ever.