Surviving Morning Sickness {And feed your family}

Surviving morning sickness. I am celebrating being 9 weeks pregnant……and feeling it.  I seem to get morning sickness with all of my pregnancies. 

The first go around, I didn’t have a family to feed.  My husband was very good at fending for himself while I ate a bowl of cereal. 

With Nora, I was sick as a dog and I don’t even remember what I fed Clint and Verity.  I am sure that there were LOTS of days that Verity ate Easy Mac and snack packs. 

This time, I am prepared.  I rarely ever buy prepared foods.  I like to have them after we get home from a trip or after a big holiday of cooking…..but this time I am just going with it.

surviving morning sickness

A gal has got to do what a gal has got to do.  I made a trip to Costco and now my family has full meals to eat.  My “morning sickness” sets in about 11am and rages on through the night….so cooking does NOT happen often.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Frozen Pot Pie



Marinara Sauce

Panko crusted Cod


Pot Stickers

*the Easy Mac is hiding*

I know that these foods are not the most nutritious but it is better than telling the 4 year old to scope out the pantry and help herself…..that resulted in Oreos at 10am last week.

How do you survive morning sickness and still manage to feed your family?

Jolly Rancher Suckers and Lemonade are my go to queasy fix.

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  1. haha! I just went to the grocery store last night and had my hubby pick out food he wanted to eat for the next few weeks. I'm about 7 weeks prego as well! This will be my third and I still have a hard time not feeling guilty of neglect. But I'm trying to let it go this time around and do what I can do. My husband totally understands and encourages me to just relax about dinner. But it's a mommy thing. He's stocked with lots of mac and cheese, toquitos, burritos, pot stickers and chicken nuggets. i know they'll survive. This is their time to eat WHATEVER they want. 😉

  2. Congratulations! And I can totally identify right now...I'm 7wks pregnant with my 2nd (my daughter will be 4 in August), and I'm equal parts hungry and not interested in eating. I've been trying to have light snacks every couple of hours instead of regular meals, because I notice the sickness gets worse the farther I get from my last snack! I remember drinking a lot of ginger ale the first time around...but that was 4 years ago, so this feels like the first time all over again!! Good luck, and I hope all this brings you a happy, nausea-free 2nd trimester!! And also, thank you SO much for these easy meal ideas to eek my way through the next month or more!

  3. Been there, done that! I was lucky to live near my mom, who helped with meals. Hopefully, by the second trimester this will pass, XOXO

  4. The second time around my poor husband and the twins got quite a few chicken nuggets and canned carrots. *shame* But they happily survived to welcome their baby brother. Of course, now that he's 10 months old, they'd rather put him back. LOL Point is, for the next month or so you aren't going to be super mom, but they'll survive and you'll have a brand new, beautiful baby (Maybe a boy this time?) to show for it! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  5. Congratulations! As far as morning sickness, I found that eating lots of little snacks throughout the day (so that my stomach was never totally empty) I survived better than eating big meals. Best of luck!

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