Surviving Morning Sickness {And feed your family}

Freezer Meal

Surviving morning sickness:

I am celebrating being 9 weeks pregnant……and feeling it.  I seem to get morning sickness with all of my pregnancies.  The first go around, I didn’t have a family to feed.  My husband was very good at fending for himself while I ate a bowl of cereal.  With Nora, I was sick as a dog and I don’t even remember what I fed Clint and Verity.  I am sure that there were LOTS of days that Verity ate Easy Mac and snack packs.  This time, I am prepared.  I rarely ever buy prepared foods.  I like to have them after we get home from a trip or after a big holiday of cooking…..but this time I am just going with it.


A gal has got to do what a gal has got to do.  I made a trip to Costco and now my family has full meals to eat.  My “morning sickness” sets in about 11am and rages on through the night….so cooking does NOT happen often.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Frozen Pot Pie



Marinara Sauce

Panko crusted Cod


Pot Stickers

*the Easy Mac is hiding*

I know that these foods are not the most nutritious but it is better than telling the 4 year old to scope out the pantry and help herself…..that resulted in Oreos at 10am last week.

How do you survive morning sickness and still manage to feed your family?

Jolly Rancher Suckers and Lemonade are my go to queasy fix.

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